Time Capsule a.k.a. 808 Box

In the last 5 years we have released five completely different 808 Boxes. Every 808 Box includes many records and we will never re-press any of the records included in each of these wooden boxes. In total we have released 44 records, 284 tracks and also two records with 64 loops from the original Roland TR-808.

Many people write us to ask what is inside the 808 Box. Yes!, after five years there are still people who do not know anything about this project and that makes us very happy because it reflects how incredibly huge electronic music is today. Most of you already know what is inside, but for others this is like a new project even we have released five 808 Boxes in last years. Also it is funny to know some people think is always the same 808 Box in different colors and they think we are re-press the same thing again again and again :)

The original name of this project, although now everyone calls it 808 Box, is Time Capsule. The aim of this project has always been to take an annual photograph of the electro movement thinking about inspiring future generations, creating an archive in which electro music can be recognized as what it truly is: a global movement that does not need any magazine to recognize it as such because it has shown several times in recent decades that is able to survive in the most absolute underground without the need to monopolize front pages, stupid charts and top tens that are made with the sole intention of directing sales.


The true heroes of this world movement are the artists who, despite not being able to live on their own music, still sit in front of their machines, only for one reason, the inexplicable love they feel for this music, and, of course, also people who have never put a finger on a machine but have supported this movement by buying thousands of records and have shared their love for those records using the word to mouth for years and now all kinds of social networks, even when most people thought that the vinyl was dead.


After 5 years the Time Capsule project aka 808 Box is a consolidated and respected project but it would be absolutely nothing without the help of the artists that are part of the project and all the people who year after year buy every 808 Box.

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