10 Years

Fundametal Records

808 BOX

In only a few weeks we celebrate 10 Years since we started with Fundamental Records and we do it with the project we love the most, the Time Capsule aka 808 Box!

 10 Vinyl Records 

Limited Edition 250 Units 

 66 Tracks +5 hours pure electro music!

 Hi-Q combed cotton T-Shirt 

 2 High Quality Slipmats* 

 Exclusive Snow Plexiglass Box*  

  *Only for pre-orders! 

 Tracks by : 

 Acidulant  Alek Stark  Aquatronics  Brice Kelly  Carl Finlow  CEM3340   Cignol  Cygnus   Das Muster   Datawave   Dibu-Z   Digitizer  DVS NME   Faceless Mind  Foreign Sequence  Franck Kartell  Heimelektronik  Holtz   Inkamera  Johan Inkinen  Kan3da  Kind Human Being  Kitbuilders   Kuldaboli  LCTR  Luke Eargoggle  MagikBitum  MetaComplex   Methylgruppe  Microlith  Moodex  Mr. Velcro Fastener  Mutex  N-Ter   Nebenprodukt  Noamm  Noise&Noise  Nullptr  Obergman  Planetology   Plant43  Proto  Reedale Rise  Repeat Eater  Scape One  Sound Synthesis  T-Error  The Abstract Eye  Vema-Diodes  Vertical Dimension  Viewtiful Joe 

Official Release Date:  15th January


 Available NOW: 


High Quality Sleeves 350gr. cardboard - TR-808 

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