The 808 Box project being a terrible effort at all levels and an example of an incredible musical quality and how wide is the Electro music, it is only a small part of this movement, a drop in the ocean.


Yes, the 808 Box is an example of how diverse the electro can be, but there is much more, it is impossible, even in the eleven vinyl records that we have included this year for the 5th Anniversary of this project to honor how diverse the electro music is.


We are living a golden age, the quality of the records that come out every month is incredible, not only at the level of composition, but also the quality of sound, design… It is something we have to be aware of but it is also something we have to celebrate.


Electro is the source of contemporary electronic music, it does not need too much exposure, what it needs is to maintain the unconditional love of thousands of people around the world as has happened to this day, people who understand the meaning of this movement beyond the sound produced by the needle when you drop it on the record.

With the 808 Box project every year we try to make a picture of the Electro movement including tracks from artists of each corner of the word but we created also a place to use as a diary of our music. You can send your new work, tracks, video, info about your gigs, in summary 

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