In 2009 I released the first part of Fundamentals Of Space Travel in Transient Force. This record was released in CD and digital, two years after Transient Force released the second part as digital download.

I have very special feelings and memories connected to all these tracks. The name of my label, Fundamental Records come from the name of these albums, also the name of my mastering studio, Fundamental Audio.

Before these albums I released an EP called "En las calles de Madrid" and release these works in Transient Force was one of the best experience in my life. First because Arnold Steiner understood my music like no one before. In that time I was in a very hard situation in my life and he push me to make new tracks and change my mind when I was literally out of this reality. The level of understanding with Arnold is like a blood brother, and after all these years I have the same feeling, talk with him is always a pleasure, his vision about the music is clear and unique, as producer he was always a big influence in my music, as many albums released in Transient Force, but if I have to define Arnold and of course Transient Force with only a word would be authentic.

Transient Force was a place where everything was pure inspiration, the music, the projects, even the artworks designed by Arnold. Transient Force is unique project very hard to be repeated again, I think impossible.

I remember that time very well, It was a terrible period of my life except when I met my current wife. Anais was like a ray of light, literally, a big help in those days. I was very lost and she helped me even with the order of the tracks, in fact without her and Arnold I never released all these tracks. Today we are still together, like first day, Fundamental Records would be an impossible project without Anais.

There is only one thing I missed when I released my project in Transient Force, play it in my turntables. In last years I received many emails from people who love my work for Transient Force but they really love to have these tracks in vinyl, so after think about it several times I decided to release my favorite tracks in a double vinyl.

The illustration of the album is a work of an artist from New Zealand, Jeremy Geddes. When I saw this image for first time I remember I said "that is how I felt myself in those days"… alone in the dark…. Fundamentals Of Space Travel is a trip inside me… most of the tracks I composed alone in a wood house, in the middle of nowhere…

I remember when I wrote to Jeremy years ago, he asked me for my music and only when he listened my tracks he said yes to the collaboration for my album, my music was inspirational from him, in his words! I remember how happy made me know it.

I will release this double album as the reference FR000 of Fundamental Records in the first days of November in our classic plexiglass jacket with a very special t-shirt, numbered and limited to 100 copies.

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