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Before send your order please check all info, delivery terms, what is included and conditions.


•  Limited Edition 247 Units, hand numbered. Certified is included in each box.


•  21 vinyl records in high quality sleeves manufactured with italian cardboards from 100% recycled waste and silkscreen printed one by one using luminiscent ink.

•  18x12" with full works by:

Carl Finlow - Microlith - Cignol - MetaComplex - Nullptr - Scape One - Nebenprodukt - Franck Kartell - Kan3da - Das Muster - Johan Inkinen - Luxus Varta - Obergman - Foreign Sequence - Mesak - Mental Note - Cygnus - Noise&Noise

•  2x12" VV.AA.

Hieroglyphica - Heimelektronik - Darren J Horgan - Acidulant - Jensen Interceptor - Luke Eargoggle - Automatic Tasty - Mutex - Aquagonia - Noamm - Binary Digit - Martin Matiske

•  Extra record 7" by  ARPANET

•  High Quality T-Shirt silkscreen printed in luminescent ink that glows in the dark

•  Very Special New Wooden Box, designed in exclusive for this project.

•  Certificate of Limited Edition

•  Price 275 euro


This project is not available as digital release, only vinyl records. 

This is a Limited Edition, hand numbered. Most of these units are already pre-assigned to the people who supported the 808 Box project last years, this is our way to thank to all them. If you are interested in this project we strongly recommend you send your pre-order as soon as possible, not many units will be available for new supporters. 


We always use a wooden box for the 808 Box project, we use that kind of box because we consider it is the best container for the vinyl records to be kept in the best possible condition, but this time we want to make a better box, the owners of the 808 boxes will notice the difference, we really like this new box and we will use also for the next 808 Box.


Please be patience, as you know this is not just one record in a disco inner sleeve, this is 21 records box and we check everything with all care to send your EE Box with all records and extras in perfect condition and this operation takes a lot of time.


As you know we are only two persons making the work of four or five persons, we make everything in Fundamental Records, even little things we are sure you can't imagine like the folding and glueing of each sleeve, yes! :) so please be patience.


This time we will have extra help and we will send this new box much more faster than the last 808 Box, but again please be patience, build each package is a lot of time, we make very good packages with new double wall boxes and pro packaging stuff, we put all care in each order.


Please have in mind that also many customers included other records, not only the new Electric Eclectics Box, so we have to be really careful because we can't afford to pay a second transport because we forgot to include some item.


Once your payment is confirmed your Electric Eclectics Box is reserved and it is aside. Besides we always reserve some units in case the transport agency break or lose your package, so there is no reason to be worried in any case.

Terms of Sale

 - Delay can be possible in any of our projects due to the nature of the project or problems with the pressing plants.

 - The refund of money is not possible for any of our limited edition projects. Once you pre-ordered we include your name in the waiting list and then we can't assign that unit to any other person.

 - Also have in mind that some details can be different in the final production due to problems outside Fundamental Records.

- For questions about your order please do not use Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram or any other social network, for any question please write here: 

Thanks for supporting this project!

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