Einstein Ring by ARPANET

Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller aka Der Zyklus aka Zerkalo (with Victoria Lukas)... delivered an enormous track full of energy for the first part of the Electric Eclectics project.


Herr Mueller collaborated and supported the Fundamental Records projects before, the 3rd 808 Box and the last part of the Elektro Domésticos compilation in 2011, but this time we have the honor and the pleasure to release a very special record for this project as Arpanet.


It is a dream come true, of course, but this contribution of Arpanet is much more than a record. For many of us Arpanet is an essential part of our music, the Rosetta Stone of modern electro music, the missing link not only to be able to understand the current electro movement, you will also be listening an advance of the future by one of the truly pioneers of the underground electronic music.

FR.EE.019   VV.AA.01  by

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FR.EE.020   VV.AA.02  by

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