Patronen AB + Patronen CD

Pack with the 4 vinyl records - Last  Units 


Directly from our personal stock the last copies of one of the best projects of last years. Only 12 packs with the four records by Patronen in the very limited editions of 100 numbered units at the original price!

• Four high quality vinyl records lacquer mastering, 4x12", white vinyl compound.

• Plexiglass jacket + fiber bolts + translucens cardboards

• Strictly Limited to 100 Numbered Units

• Price 100 euro

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There is a noticeable background noise in all these tracks and we love it. The background noise is mainly generated due to the recording method of Patronen and the machines he used to produce his tracks. 

All tracks are recorded in real time to tape, there is no other reason for it than the quest for a concrete sound and that sound is what you can hear in each track. Modified analog machines recorded directly to tape and then to other tapes … 

We discussed what way to choose for the mastering. There are incredible tools today to erase any type of noise, but we decided to keep the recordings exactly as they were. I think it is very important to keep the constant presence of the noise, not only during the tracks, but also the beginnings and ends, so after some tests we decided to keep the original sound of the tapes but with a precise mastering that works for vinyl. We are really proud of the result. 

Fundamental Records is focused on releasing full albums but with a big concept behind the tracks. The project of Patronen is the mirror through which we want to look at ourselves. This album represents a 100% the spirit of Fundamental Records. 

It is not only about innovation, it is about evolvement but not only about evolving in terms of technology or our skills, it is about evolving our feelings about the music itself. Patronen reflects a true spectrum of feelings in the precise momentum he is creating and recording the music with his custom modulars, synths, drum machines and of course his tape recorders. 

Patronen ABCD

Limited Box 50 Units Sold Out

Patronen, one of the best projects in last years. We released only 50 boxes of this especial edition. This edition includes the four parts of this project A-B-C-D, 4x12" vinyl records lacquer mastering. We used for the records a rare mix of clear and black vinyl compound, really nice. 

One year ago we moved to a new location and today we are still opening boxes, only a couple of weeks ago we found a box with 10 of these limited boxes, we thought we have available only one for sale! do no miss this opportunity, this is an exceptional work and the last opportunity to have the four records and the original tapes. What inside the box?

• Four high quality vinyl records lacquer mastering, 4x12", clear and black compound.


• Two original tapes mastered for this occasion with the original recordings. 

• High quality black T-Shirt silkscreen printed in white.

• The box is made in hard recycled cardboard with the ABCD letters embossing in the front panel.


• Each box is hand numbered.

Silkscreen Printing Process at Fundamental Records

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