The way we work, the way we are.

Fundamental Records is a project running by two persons, Anais Jiménez and Alek Stark. Every year we try to capture the essence of the underground electro movement. We started with the Time Capsule aka 808 Box and now we are immerse in the Electric Eclectic project and also a very special project called Music For The Other People Place

In last years we also released full albums by DMX Krew, Cygnus, Patronen, Luke Eargoggle, Faceless Mind, Boris Divider, Das Muster and Rhys Celeste aka Microlith. 

Only vinyl records, real/certified limited editions, no repress

Fundamental Records is our life project, we put a lot of time every day and we work the seven days of the week with no pause. 

Releasing these projects requires an absolute dedication and an effort that goes beyond the usual. Of course music is the most important for us but to pay special attention to the small details is essential because we understand that we have to be at the same level as the music sent by the artists who support our projects, for us is a question of respect and admiration for all of them.

We make everything at home, but when we go down the stairs the entire ground floor is designed to house our production and mastering studio, our design studio and a large area for screen printing, developing and washing screens, printing and drying T-Shirts and record sleeves. We also have an area where we do all the communication with shops, distros and customers and another where we store our stock and all the records and pre-orders of our customers.

Truly handmade

At our home, we make absolutely everything, communication with the artists, design, mastering, printing, numbering..., we work in prototypes of different packagings, but we also make the cutting, folding and even the gluing of the sleeves of each record..., yes, that's how crazy we are.


We work in each order with all possible care and of course we are also the ones who take them to the postal office. Last year we released more than 40 vinyl records, the budget to package and protect for the shipping all these records is superior to what some labels dedicate to publish all the records of the year. With this example, we want you to understand that the time spent assembling and packaging one of our limited boxes is much higher than what is needed to send a single record in a disco-sleeve by mail. Also, sending these limited boxes is not cheap so we can not make any mistakes and forget part of the order because we can't afford a second shipping, the result is we can send only a few boxes each day.

Trust in us, it is only a question of time

For this reason and a thousand more details, we ask you to be patience with you order, we tried but sadly for us is impossible to make it faster, but please have in mind that as soon as you send the payment, YOUR records are reserved, apart, so you will receive your records without any doubt, it is only a question of time.


Every week we dedicate many hours to send your orders but we are only two persons literally doing the work of four or five and even working so many hours each week (and working many nights) is impossible to keep up with the orders. For all these reasons we ask you to be patient and if you need to contact us please do not use Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, etc., write to this contact email and we will send you an approximate shipping date as soon as possible:

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