This limited edition is sold out but we always reserve some units of all our projects for newcomers, if you are really interested on it please write us here:

Limited Edition Box 11x12"+7"

This is a limited edition of 111 units. This box includes:

• 11x12" vinyl records in a high quality sleeve manufactured with italian cardboards from 100% recycled waste and silkscreen printed one by one in three colors. This is a completely handcrafted process, very laborious but a very beautiful result.

•  extra 7"

• High quality T-Shirt

• The box is made in a hard cardboard manufactured and printed by hand.

Of course all these records will be available in your favorite record stores throughout this year at a price of about 20 euro (first 3 records sold out) also in our Bandcamp.


Some of this 111 copies are assigned to the artists involved in this project and other people who also collaborated with us, so we have less than 90 units available for sale.

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