• This project is an experiment. 

• Only six artists are part of this project.


• The identity of the artists involved in the project will remain private but they are free to reveal their identity after some time, even if we would prefer they didn’t (for more about this check here.)

• The artists involved in the project are not aware of the identity of the other artists. 

• During the following 12 months we will periodically release 12 records: 11 x 12" and the last one, a special 7"

• Each record is a full album, a trip into the mind of the artist. There is no need for “perfected” tracks as this is not a collection of hits compiled on a 12” for massive sales. We asked each artist to work without any limitations or expectations that their previous "sound" might impose. In this way the artist may expose ones true self in the music or choose to demonstrate another side of their creative self.

(We strongly recommend you to visit the site we created for this project, there you can find our manifesto, info, pictures, music and updates about the project, here).

Limited Edition Box 11x12"+7"

This is a limited edition of 111 units. This box includes:

• 11x12" vinyl records in a high quality sleeve manufactured with italian cardboards from 100% recycled waste and silkscreen printed one by one in three colors. This is a completely handcrafted process, very laborious but a very beautiful result.

•  an extra 7"

• High quality T-Shirt

The box is made in a hard cardboard manufactured and printed by hand.

Last units available, write us here:

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