Here you can listen the 21 records included in this project. First 18 are records dedicated to only one artist, the last 2 records are exclusive tracks from artists involved in the second part of this project, we also included an extra 7" by Arpanet!

The audio included here is about one/two minutes of all tracks included in each record... this is more than 3 hours... but the total length of the 21 records is almost 9 hours of pure electro music.

Here you can listen all the records one by one. Enjoy it!

FR.EE.000   Arpanet

FR.EE.001   Carl Finlow

FR.EE.003   Cignol

FR.EE.005   Nullptr

FR.EE.007   Nebenprodukt

FR.EE.009   Kan3da

FR.EE.011   Johan Inkinen

FR.EE.013   Obergman

FR.EE.015   Mesak

FR.EE.017   Cygnus

FR.EE.002   Microlith

FR.EE.004   MetaComplex

FR.EE.006   Scape One

FR.EE.008   Franck Kartell

FR.EE.010   Das Muster

R.EE.012   Luxus Varta

FR.EE.014   Foreign Sequence

FR.EE.016   Mental Note

FR.EE.018   Noise&Noise

FR.EE.019   VV.AA.01  by

Hieroglyphica - Heimelektronic - Darren J Horgan - Acidulant - Jensen Interceptor - Luke Eargoggle

FR.EE.020   VV.AA.02  by

Automatic Tasty - Mutex - Aquagonia - Noamm - Binary Digit - Martin Matiske

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