The Seventh Record

Dear remixers!

Here are the six remixes selected for the seventh record to be included in this project:

•  b123An2389Xk - A1. Unintentional Remix by Brice Kelly

•  123abc741xyzv2 - A2. Evaluation by Relaxant

•  1cK0098 - A3. Anomaly by Varaz aka MicroControlUnit

•  E7x9dMx46k2 - B1. Muon by Dibu Z

•  XY3L3C7rO010101aa - B2. Entron by N-Ter

•  bp8MMqYFe+d4uhLx - B3. The Silent Years by Acédie

Congratulations to the winners!

A huge THANK YOU once more for your enthusiasm and creativity in helping us to make this project really outstanding.

We also decided it would be a nice idea to create a free digital download which will include all the remaining remixes for everyone else to enjoy. Obviously we would like your permission to do this so we would ask you to send us an email ( stating wether or not you would like your remix and name to be included.

>>> We will collect all your permissions and your credits for each remix in the next days and we will make it the download available the official release date of this project, we can't say a precise date because we are waiting for the pressing plant but will be at the end of February or first days of March <<<

This initiative has been fantastic, incredibly positive and from Fundamental Records we will do everything possible to repeat it again. Involving more than a hundred people in a project of this quality is something that we must repeat more often, the feeling it gives us is that projects like this make the whole electro family feel closer, more united and that is something in which Fundamental Records has worked since its inception with the 808 Box, Music For The Other People Place, Electric Eclectics and now with the Carl Finlow project.

Thanks again to all of you for your collaboration and your support.

Also, thanks to Johan Sebastian Bot aka DVS NME for his invaluable help with this project.

Carl Finlow, Alek Stark.

Carl Finlow invites you to be part of Midi Archeology

Below you have detailed information about the process that Carl Finlow went through for the production of Midi Archeology. We strongly recommend that you read it if you want to be part of this project. Carl spent last year rescuing his tracks produced in the 90s from possible oblivion, stuck as they were in a dying computer language, buried on CDs and DVDs. He translated all this data into current Ableton Live projects and began thinking that someday someone like you could be part of this project.

There are only three rules to be part of this project:


December 14th

File format and duration

wav/aiff (not mp3) - strictly under 5 minutes

Title of the track

Following the same spirit of the Fundamental Records project, Music For The Other People Place, all remixes must be submitted using only an alphanumeric code in the place of artist name and title, similar to this:



This way all people will be treated like equals, anyone truly interested in being part of this project will have total security that no other external factor (like popularity) can distort the main objective of this project: select the best remixes for the seventh vinyl record that will be included in this project. Simply put, there will be no playing favorites and the winners will be selected on the strength of their remix alone.

Once Carl has chosen his six favorite remixes we will disclose the results. After that, the artists will have the choice to either disclose their names or remain unknown. Why? again our project Music For The Other People Place is the mirror where we want to reflect, we leave the artist the freedom of choice without questioning the reasons.

If you are one of the announced winners you must contact us within 48 hours and we will send you further instructions. 

in case you want to remain unknown make sure you use an email that does not reveal your identity.


• By sending your remix you accept that we can release it exclusively as part of this project.

In case your remix is selected and you don't contact us, we will release it as "unknown".

The remixes will be included on the seventh record and will be released along with the other six records featuring the remixes by The Exaltics, Cygnus, Radioactive Man, ADJ, Jensen Interceptor, Morphology & Sync24, Mr. Velcro Fastener, Hardfloor and the original tracks of Carl Finlow ( )

At the link below you have full access to all data and Ableton Live 9 projects of all tracks included in MIDI ARCHEOLOGY.


We recommend to use this data storage service,, no need to create a personal account to use it, just upload your work and send the link to our email: , please use the subject "RMX"

We will send you a confirmation after we download your remix.


• Do not send mp3, only wav or aiff files.

• Do not send your remix mastered, we need a headroom of +/- 3-4dbs.

DATA SHARE by Carl Finlow

As part of this project with Fundamental Records one of the exciting things I wanted to offer you was a chance to get your hands on the midi and song data from the original tracks. This whole process has been about rescuing this music from possible oblivion, stuck as they were in a dying computer language, buried on cds and dvds. I eventually discovered a way to bring them back from the past, in some cases as far back as 1996. Like an actual archeologist I had to pick away at each track, conserving as much as I could before transporting the fossil from the past into Ableton LIVE. The long process resulted in 100 tracks that I have released over the years now brought back to life. I decided to focus on 16 of these for this release and to revive each one with a new contemporary remix. It seems sad in a way that music can be so ephemeral and this has been a nice way to give the melodies and the harmonies another chance to surface and to evolve.


Some of the tracks were written at a time before digital audio was a commonplace thing and so these tracks only contained the raw midi data and the arrangements. At the time these were all hooked up to real synthesizers and drum machines and then recorded to a stereo master so no individual audio parts exists for those. Some of the later tracks do include digital audio from back in the day and where possible I have included as much of this as I could. In Ableton Live I tried to create approximations of what i used on the originals, using only the basic included Ableton instruments such as Simpler, and tried to find wave forms that closely matched the original Moog Bass for example or the Roland SH-101. All tracks are saved as self contained Ableton Live 9 projects and should load with the original arrangements where possible. Others were very large digital audio projects and for these I have created audio clips for all the original parts.

I've even included some screen grabs of the original Cubase arrangements where possible.

If you don't use Ableton Live I have provided folders with all the relevant bpm, midi and audio for you to drop into your DAW of choice. These are for you to play with and to explore and enjoy!


The included sixteen tracks are:

Anomaly, Azimuth, Corona, Dark Matter, Entron, Evaluation, Moonax, Mr Machine, Muon, Nanotech, Proteus, Spectra, The Silent Years, Unintentional, Wafer Thin, We Suspect


Original Cubase VST arrangement

Ableton Live

© 2018 Fundamental Records