Rhys Celeste

Microlith II


 Microlith & Sound Synthesis 


 Electronic Travellers 


Available Two Exclusive Limited Editions of 100 Units*

These limited editions will be available only thru Fundamental Records

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Both Limited editions include Microlith II and Electronic Travellers

• Official Release Date: 5th November



*We ordered 100 units but the final units can be more or less depending on the records pressed by the manufacture plant. E.g. Carl Finlow project we ordered 250 units but we received only 235 units of one record, so the final limited edition was 235 units. 


Rhys Celeste Microlith II 

 Microlith & Sound Synthesis 


 Electronic Travellers 

Rhys Celeste Limited Edition Acid User

Microlith II + Electronic Travelers - Limited Edition 100 Units Numbered

Green Neon Plexiglass Jacket + Black Fiber Bolts - 3x12" - Neon Green/Yellow Records


Rhys Celeste Limited Edition Electro User

Microlith II + Electronic Travelers - Limited Edition 100 Units Numbered

Smoke Plexiglass Jacket + Black Fiber Bolts - 3x12" - Transparent Red Records


Rhys Celeste Microlith II

We are very happy to disclose this new project. 


This is the second album we will release on Fundamental Records composed and produced by Rhys Celeste aka Microlith.


We will release this album in the same way we released the first one, two different limited editions and also under the birth name of Rhys and titled Microlith II 


When we released the first album two years ago we received many many emails from each corner of the world, we needed that support in that moment and also to feel the love of each of you for the music of Rhys. All emails we received from Malta, his homeland, were truly special. All the messages and emails made me feel and understand the connection between the friends of Rhys and how they love him, but it was only a few weeks ago, this summer, when Anais and I visited Malta when I was able to feel in person how truly special the group of friends with whom Rhys shared his Life in Malta.


To know the friends of Rhys in person helped me to understand many things, first something that is not very common these days, true friendship, true love… in the 7 days we were in Malta we met with the close friends of Rhys and the feeling was incredible because for each of them is like Rhys is still there with them, like another more in their lives, in their conversations… Also was very special for us to meet the father and mother of Rhys, also his brother, we were able to give them the Electric Eclectics box where we also included a record with some tracks of Rhys and it was a moment that will remain forever among our memories.


In last two years Rhys has always been in my mind, I tried to include him in every project we released and still today I have him in my list for the next 808 Box. We released his tracks in the last two 808 Boxes and a full record in the Electric Eclectics project but we still had many tracks and with the permission of Rhys’ family and the help of his friends Daniel Chetcuti (Mutex) Neil Hales (Acidulant) and Keith Farrugia (Sound Synthesis) we will release a second doble album, in fact, and this make me really really happy, Keith told me that he was working in a project with Rhys called Electronic Travellers (they had a joke about the double “ll” in the name) and we will release this record also along with Microlith II with the two different limited editions you can check in the link below.


After almost three years today is still hard for me to play the first album we released of Rhys but every time I start to work on his tracks is a very special moment for me, Rhys is a real genius, and I use “is” because keep his music alive make me feel that way… to work again over all these tracks make me remember the feeling I had when I listened the music of Rhys for first time, you know… the way he uses the silences, the reverb, all those special melodies, you always know when you are listening a track composed by Rhys… his style is unique and this new album is exactly the same. 

We all miss you brother...


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