Rhys Celeste

Microlith III IV V VI

Limited Edition Packs 125 Units


Available Two Exclusive Limited Editions of 125 Units

Neon Color Edition is only available at Electro Records here

Both Limited editions include four double albums!



Rhys Celeste Microlith II 

Rhys Celeste Limited Edition PACK NEON

Four double albums!

Plexiglass Jacket + Black Fiber Bolts - 8x12" - all Neon Colored Vinyl Records


Rhys Celeste Limited Edition Ultraclear

Four Double albums!!

Transparent Plexiglass Jacket + Black Fiber Bolts - 8x12" - Ultraclear Records

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Rhys Celeste Microlith

We are very happy to announce we have a new album by Rhys Celeste aka Microlith, this new album is the third album we release from Rhys in last three years. We always tried to release all the tracks Rhys sent to us as best as possible and this new album follows the same concept, design and the same quality standards, the best.

We have the authorization and full support of the Rhys family to release this third album on Fundamental Records but also the first three albums that Rhys composed during the years 2015 and 2016, three albums that never were released in vinyl format before.

We can proudly say we made all we can to keep the music of Rhys alive and available in vinyl record format at the best possible quality. All tracks for the four albums have been thoroughly mastered for the best possible sound in vinyl record format. The four albums are now available for pre-order in one pack using neon colors following the same design and packaging we made for the first two albums we released in 2017 and 2019 but a very special version with all the records manufactured in ultra-clear compoud with full transparent plexiglass jacket.


This is the last project we will release under the Fundamental Records label. As you can imagine we wanted to say good bye with something really special and release a new album of Rhys is something that make us very very happy. We can’t close the door saying this is a definitive goodbye but we can say Fundamental Records will be in the freezer for some years. We need some fresh air, other perspective and also recharge the batteries, Electro Records (www.electro-records.com) is now our main project, we really feel the same we felt when we started with Fundamental and that freedom is what we need to find new ways for electro music, you will see what this means in the next months…

For us is VERY important to release all these records as best as we can and in our opinion this is the quality every album of Rhys deserves. We understand some people will never pay 15 euro more for the colored records and the special packaging but this is our vision, the way we choose to release all these records as best as possible, but also because is our duty to release these albums as best as we can, and sincerely, with all respect, 15 euro is something infimum if you really understand what we try to achieve with all the music of Rhys.

You can check the other albums and versions here: https://www.electro-records.com/catalogo/tags/microlith/


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