Twin Paradox 002   Das Muster | Mumm


As Das Muster I am mostly doing dark science fiction electro. The meaning of Das Muster is or could be pattern, sample, model, a scheme. It depends on the listener, I always wanted to keep that open to the listener as I also imagine this or that. But the main meaning for me is the scheme or pattern behind things.

I want to transport feelings with that music, good or bad feelings like fear or being monitored, that's why it mostly sounds dark. The overall sound of Das Muster is done with analog synths to keep it timeless with the technique that is there since decades.

Twin Paradox 003   Luke Earggogle | Faceless Mind

Luke talks about Snow In June:

"Snow In June was mostly written and produced almost a year ago in Greece on the island Crete. Since Im not the biggest fan of the sun all day long I brought a mini studio to the hotel where I could escape the hot weather after the beach and put the the aircondition on the max. Machines were all in sync and the journey began... Also after having some nice conversations with Mr Alek Stark we planned and exchanged some thoughts around this record and it became this paradox double album. The music I guess speaks for it self. I think it has alot of my sound in it but also alot other influences that I think not even Eargoggle had heard before. For me like all music I do its a tribute to machines and feelings to create a new world. To be able to express and combine them... Travelling is always mysterious and interesting...


Hope you can travel with it!   Use the Eargoggles!..

Faceless Mind about Data Bara:

Faceless Mind is the project of Johan inkinen & Luke Eargoggle. Basically its about experiment and alot of red wine. We have a sound that we dont want to challenge to much but still go deeper in what we do and discover on during the path. On this album its tracks from the last two years even if most of them are made pretty recent. We are really happy to release it on Fundamental Records

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