We Don't Play Discogs

Please be smarter than the scammers think you are and before to buy anything in Discogs write us here:


• All sets, records, boxes, etc. are completely new, never played, perfect condition.

• We will need your address to calculate the best shipping price to your city.

• Payment only paypal friend/family.


Why you should write us?

We released many records in last 8 years and we have the luck to have many many people around the world who support every release so most times is very easy all units are sold out in only a few days.


Sometimes people write to us saying "how is it possible that I didn't know about your projects!?" Well, that is precisely one of the most beautiful things in electronic music these days, it is literally an ocean to explore, even well known projects as the 808 Box or the homage to the 20 years of DMX Krew are projects that have gone unnoticed for the vast majority. 


We knew that this could happen since we started with Fundamental Records, we knew that many people in the future would like to buy some of the projects that years later would have run out and we decided to reserve some units for some people who truly understood the effort and love that we have put in each of the projects we have released in last 8 years, so we strongly recommend that if you see it is sold out everywhere, even here or in our Bandcamp, write us before pay the abusive prices of some sellers in Discogs, if we have the record you are looking for, we will sell it to you at the original price!!


We recommend you to subscribe to our news list because we always write to the people who support our projects before to disclose any of our projects. This way if you are interested in some of our limited editions you can buy it before nobody and you will never have to pay more for our records. 

Besides we always offer really good pre-order prices.

You can subscribe HERE

We Love Discogs


We love Discogs, it is an incredible source of information for music lovers but you can not allow scammers to operate under your name. Make money with people's love is not good for anybody, Discogs must develop new tools to create a fair market.

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